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Fluorescence Nanoscopy Seminar-Spring 2023

Image Image courtesy: Lidke Lab-UNM

The participants of the seminar discuss latest trends and present research articles relevant to the field of microscopy. The seminar is at 9:30 am every other Thursday in PAIS 2540.

The seminar will begin by a ~30 min discussion of a journal article led by the pre-scheduled presenter. We will then select the paper to be presented the next week. The process is as follows: Each participant must add two unique papers to the google sheet before class each week. The participants will have 2 minutes to summarize the two papers they added. As a group, we will choose the next week’s journal article based on these selections.

Request access by clicking on the link above.

Seminar Schedule:

Thursday 01/26/2023

Thursday 02/09/2023

Thursday 02/23/2023

Thursday 03/09/2023

Thursday 03/23/2023

Thursday 04/06/2023

Thursday 04/20/2023

Thursday 05/04/2023

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